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We're empowering investors to achieve greatness together.

We are a passionate team of software developers, marketers, traders focused on driving results for our clients in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market. We are making offers loved by users all over the world.



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Working on Cryptocurrency Market

We work in the fastest growing industry, we are real crypto enthusiasts and we believe in the great potential of the crypto industry!

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Team of professionals from around the world

International Company

Our company does not stop not for a second. We are really an international company, because in our state people work from all continents, when night comes in the West, the morning comes in the east. Thus, we are always on the alert and respond in time to any changes in the market.

“Uninterrupted operation of the software is already half the success.”

Jazmin Chowdhury
Software Developer

“The global development of the company, including in the Asian markets, is my main task.”

Flora Oliver
Responsible for Development in Asia

“We must always be on the alert and react to the slightest changes in the markets. Thank God we are good at it!”

Perry Piper
Chief Analyst and Trader

“Investing is the best thing to do with money.”

Elsa Jean
Investment analyst

“Advertising is the engine of progress and we are professionals in this.”

Ava Adams
Marketing Director

“The path of continuous improvement, this is the path of Bit Chain Global”

Dani Daniels
A development manager
Meet our most valued

Expert Team Members

Our team employs real professionals in their field. Programmers, analysts, traders, marketers and even mathematicians. We set ourselves ambitious goals and achieve them. We really love our job!


Juber Kasam

CEO and visionary.

Kathy Holt

Co-founder. Ideological inspirer.

Steven Mann

Senior IT Manager
Our way, this is a path of constant improvement

Our mission and our principles

We have already achieved a lot, but we are not going to stop there. We make every effort to bring strategies to perfection. We are constantly learning and growing professionally, because these are our principles. We strive to provide as many people as possible with an opportunity to improve their financial condition. We want investments in the field of cryptocurrencies to cease to be something complex and inaccessible - in this we see our mission.

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Our history

How We Became Successful

We always challenge the openness of higher possibilities without defining the limits of our teams and products. We test our hypotheses about new attempts and enjoy making our way around the world.